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Ecological civilization construction---UHMWPE pipe
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Ecological civilization construction---UHMWPE pipe 
In 2012, the following the full implementation of the party's 18th economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction after four contents, construction of ecological civilization this constructive proposals are put forward.The resource saving, environment friendly ecological civilization refers to a higher position, often under the state council put forward proposals for how to make the ecological civilization construction, which clearly put forward the remanufacturing as "twelfth five-year" an important task in the development of circular economy, to realize saving resources, protect the environment. UHMWPE pipe has the value of recycling products.It is made of UHMWPE pipe and carbon steel composite.
Steel pipe need only one-time investment, used the old steel pipe line after the restoration of UHMWPE pipe layer of continue to use, every line of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene pipe layer is equivalent to the life of the metal tube and increased 4-5 times, but also saved money.The use of UHMWPE pipe and steel composite pipes conform to the state "twelfth five-year" development of circular economy,
UHMWPE pipe wear-resistant anti-corrosion, is a new generation of the most valuable tailings pipe, the performance of the ultra-high pipe has both high tube, and the mechanical properties of the steel tube and its saving energy and reducing consumption, to greatly reduce the consumption of electrical energy, is the national vigorously promote the use of a new type of pipe.

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