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UHMWPE pipe to extend the traditional pipeline length of lif
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UHMWPE pipe to extend the traditional pipeline length of life

The traditional plastic pipe generally wear aging speed is quick, quick, short service life, the characteristics of the UHMWPE pipe performance even more impressive. UHMWPE pipe ageing resistance, wear resistance, long service life characteristics also makes it become one of the best-selling pipeline.

Beijing nonferrous metallurgical design & research institute the plastic pipe wear test research into report points out: the following four different pipe material, in the same pipe diameter, flow rate and concentration of test materials, under the condition of experiment, the result is: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene tube wear average annual thickness of 11.5424 mm/year;Engineering level of polypropylene (PP) 13.5828 mm/year; UHMWPE pipe (UHMW - PE) 5.0104 mm/year;Steel pipe (A3) 36.2424 mm/year;The test results show that UHMWPE pipe abrasion resistance is seven times as much steel pipe (A3).This makes the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe wear-resisting pipe service life is longer than others.

UHMWPE pipe wear-resisting lining plastic pipe service life can reach hundreds of years, the theory of embrittlement and ultrahigh tube of the aging speed is very slow, this is because the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene molecular chain unsaturated molecular groups rarely, and molecular weight, itself has the very good stability.By adding appropriate additives makes the high tube service life greatly more than ordinary polyethylene pipes.Buried used for 50 years, its mechanical performance only drop about 20%, uv resistance and PE100 are the same, the fatigue strength higher than that of PE100 about 16 times more. 

Therefore, compared with the traditional pipe, UHMWPE pipe is extended the life of traditional pipe length.


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