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Tailings pipe circulation development contribution strength
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Tailings pipe circulation development contribution strength for mining product

Shanxi a low alkali cement manufacturers use of lead-zinc tailings production high quality cement technology has achieved industrial production.The factory with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tailing pipe has realized the transportation of tailings products within the facility.Since the beginning of six months, production of cement and tailings accounted for more than 30% of the cement production, more than 600 tons of average daily use of lead-zinc tailings using tail slag is up to 220000 tons a year.Mining enterprises using tailings pipeline all tailings instead of clay to make low alkali cement with high quality, the achievement industrialization, economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit is obvious.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tailing pipe  is a professional of tailings tailings, pulp, mud, such as medium pipeline, a very important position in the development of mining industry.Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe tailing pipe was able to become the main granules medium conveying pipeline, because of its unique physical properties, abrasion resistance, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe tailings pipe is also known as super wear-resistant pipes.Small friction coefficient, wear small is its main feature.Uhmw-pe products unique molecular structure, make it has a very high ability of resistance to sliding friction.Wearability of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is a steel pipe commonly 4 to 7 times, 17.9 times that of phenolic resin, nylon 6 times, four times that of polyethylene, can greatly improve the service life of pipelines.
Ultrahigh tailings pipe of the unique properties make it become the leading mining industry pipeline, sales rising steadily, is gradually replacing the traditional tailings conveying pipeline.Therefore, tailings piping development prospects are not small.

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